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Maintaining Momentum in Years 7 and 8

Many children leave primary school having achieved ’greater depth ‘in writing in Year 6.

What does this mean and how can English teachers in the early years of secondary education ensure that they ‘hit the ground running’ with their most able 11 year-old writers?

Judy and Jonathon have extensive experience of assessing writing at the end of year 6; they thoroughly understand the requirements of ‘greater depth’ and the kind of writing task and teaching strategies that primary school pupils are familiar with.

Judy is also an ex- secondary English teacher and has been actively involved with a variety of joint writing projects between primary and secondary schools.

We can work with you to support your understanding of primary practice, lead INSET on what writing looks like in year 6 classrooms to enable a smoother transition between Y6 and Y7 practice.

Our specifically designed course - Looking at writing in Year 6- an insight for secondary English teachers can be delivered to English departments on request.

Please contact Judy or Jonathon for further details and costs.

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